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Romans 8:28 (KJV)... All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


10 Day Marriage Summit - To Love Better Through Communication

1. Do you trust your spouse? When we don't trust, we stop communicating well.
2. Do you take responsibility for your actions? If you don't accept responsibility when you make mistakes, your spouse can't trust you. No trust = little communication.
3. Do you feel loved by your spouse? How is this communicated to you?
Pure Love is a need not a want. We pay a very high price to fill that need to be loved. Want to have a stronger relationship? Did you feel a little twinge when you read these? Then this summit is for YOU!
February 14-28, 2022

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Love Busters - A 5 Day Challenge

Turn love-busting patterns into love-building habits with this 5-day challenge! We will be using the Love Busters book by Willard F. Harley Jr. (NOTE: If you don't see this book below please turn off your ad blocker.)

Our Story

Hi! We are Bret and Karen Hart and we started Hart to Hart Marriage Talk because we saw the need for good information on how to communicate better and give hope to struggling marriages. 

We’ve been married 22 years, divorced, and have been remarried to each other for another 20 years.

Bret retired from the trades as a carpenter/ welder and Karen retired from WA state.

We have three grown children who are married and raising their own families. All of whom we love very much and do not get to see enough.

Both of us love Jesus Christ and give all glory to him for saving our broken marriage and two hurting people.

The Lord has given us both the desire to create beauty, where ever we are. 

We are passionate to be used by God for his glory and to share our story, mistakes and wisdom to help people to love better through communication.


Special Thanks to our Recent presenters!

Sandee Englund

Mental Wellness & Brain Health Coach
With God all things are possible. I help ladies with mindset, finding their niche, building out products, launching, and having a system in place.
Know your value, Find your passion and Live with purpose.

Christie Miller

Speaker and Author Christie Miller heads up Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau and has spoken to groups all over the United State on relationships for over 20 years. She has just published her new marriage relationship book: Marriage on the Mend, a guidebook for women in difficult relationships. Christie reveals many helpful ideas from scripture that many have not thought about and is a practical communicator.

Scott LaPierre

Scott La Pierre is a senior pastor, author, and conference speaker. He holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, have been married for more than fifteen years. A former schoolteacher and Army officer, Scott currently leads a church in Washington State and supports his family on his pastor's salary, allowing Katie to stay home with their nine children. Both are passionate advocates of homeschooling.

Eldon & Judith Blanford

Eldon and Judith are the heroes of marriages. They know what it takes to show you how to heal from sin that destroys marriages. If you could spend an hour hearing their testimony, it can and has given hope to many couples to restore a broken marriage. This couple's honesty was directly responsible for healing Bret and Karen Hart's marriage and then they went on to proceed over the remarriage of Bret and Karen!

Deb Kambalch

Deb Kalmbach is an author, speaker, and life coach who considers herself an "expert" in not-so-perfect marriages. She's the first to admit that she's learned a lot the hard way! Deb is passionate about encouraging and empowering women to take one step forward, then another to find healing and wholeness in their lives and marriages. Real hope for real life is what she strives to communicate to her readers. She also finds offering hope through coaching can make all the difference in the lives of women who are struggling in life and marriage. Deb and her husband Randy recently celebrated 51 years of marriage (a miracle!).

Dee Tozer

Dee is a marriage repair specialist for couples in crisis after an affair has been discovered. Devastated couples require the most experienced and competent couple psychologist/coach who absolutely knows how to help them rekindle their embers doused with tears and sorrow. She is a master at repairing marriages after infidelity, cheating, betrayal in one form or another.

Yvonne Morgan

Having witnessed the power of prayer in her own life, Yvonne M Morgan shares stories of trusting the Lord and watching Christ in action. She loves to travel and spend time with her children and grandchildren. Apart from writing Christian nonfiction, Morgan writes for several magazines and blogs. Her books provide great help to those who are struggling in their journey with Christ.

Alan Ray

Alan and his wife Autumn are the founding directors of MarriageTeam, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering couples for winning marriages. MarriageTeam trains Christian coach couples and places premarital and married couples with coaches for 6-12 weeks of skill building and coaching. 89% of the couples considering divorce decide to stay together after completing their coaching.